Raha Poly Products Ltd established in 1995

Raha Poly Products Ltd with factory based in Chennai, is the Indian arm of Poly Products L.L.C based in the Sultanate of Oman and are the pioneers in launching spring mattress in the Indian market as early as 1995.Over these years, the company has established a good distribution network across the country to service the company’s retail customer in various towns. Besides this, the company has also been successful in becoming a nominated supplier of spring mattress to reputed hotel chains and star hotel groups in India.

The Raha range of beds and mattresses, pillows and mattress protector are of international class and style which offer unmatched luxury and comfort to its users.

Poly Products L.L.C is a leading manufacturer and suppliers of quality bedding and other sleep related products as well as comfort related products in the sultanate of Oman. Ever since its inception, the company has been successfully fulfilling its dream of adding comfort to people’s lives through its wide products range, which includes beds and mattresses, pillows and comforters, sofas and foams both polyurethane and moulded.

RAHA, the company’s flagship brand, is not only familiar across the Gulf region but also enjoys a brand equity that is truly international with customers spanning across the Middle East, Europe and South East Asia. The excellent brand equity which RAHA brand enjoys has come about by the company’s sheer perseverance in ensuring superior quality at each and every stage –be it raw material procurement or manufacturing or packing.