Six features every mattress must offer.


Proper body support is critical to sleep comfort and to the health of your spine and body. Raha mattress provides support at the heavier body points like the shoulder and hips. By not permitting them to sink in too deeply, it helps the spine to retain its natural curve, thus allowing the back muscles to relax.


A mattress must be of right firmness to give you proper support. The degree of firmness is a matter of personal preference. Feel the different model of Raha mattresses to choose your desired firmness level.


The mattress coils must retain their firmness and the ability to ‘spring back’ throughout the life of the mattress. If a mattress is durable, like Raha, you enjoy more years of edge –to-edge comfort with no sags in the middle of the bed or depressions where you regular sleep.


A good mattress will conform to your individual body weight and shape to maintain proper body posture throughout the night.


This depends upon the upholstery and the padding layers. Different models of Raha mattresses will have different feels. Select the one that suits your own comfort level. A good mattress will give you comfort without sacrificing support.


You need room for the freedom of motion that helps you relax while falling asleep. For maximum comfort, select the largest bed you can afford or your room permits.

Questions you must ask your bed at least once a year.

1.    Are you healthy? Are you bruised or injured anywhere? Any stains or marks?
2.    Are you out of shape? Are you bulging at the seams?
3.    Are there depressions in the sleeping area?
4.    Is your foundation uneven or sagging?
5.    Are you embarrassed to be stripped off the sheets?
6.    Do you make creaking or other suspicious noises?
7.    Do you sag in the middle with the result that we sleepers sag in the middle too?
8.    And lastly, are you ready for retirement?

EASE method of buying a mattress

To EASE the confusion of buying a mattress, the Better Sleep Council has developed some guidelines to walk you through the process and help you make the purchase of your dreams. It’s called the E.A.S.E Method:

1.) Evaluate your current mattress
2.) Arm yourself with knowledge
3.) Shop to find the right mattress
4.) Ensure quality care

After all, you spend more time on your bed than on any other piece of furniture in your home. Invest in your rest and improve your quality of life.

Evaluate your current mattress

Do you Need a New Mattress?
With most products, it’s fairly obvious when a replacement is needed. If it no longer works or has signs of wear and tear that impair its ability, you know it is time for a new one. However, realizing that it is time for a new mattress and foundation isn’t always so obvious. Similar to your favourite old chair or worn pair of shoes, your mattress can still feel comfortable long after it has lost its ability to provide your body with the proper support and comfort it needs.

Because sleep is so critical to our ability to function and feel our best, it is important to evaluate your sleep set on a regular basis.
1.    You wake up with stiffness, numbness, aches and pains

2.    You had a better night’s sleep somewhere other than your own bed (such as a hotel)

3.    Your mattress shows visible signs of overuse (it sags, has lumps, the interior is exposed, etc.)

4.    Your mattress is 5 – 7 years old*
*How long a mattress will last depends on several factors, such as amount of use and original quality, but in general, a mattress set that has been in use 5-7 years is no longer providing you with the best comfort and support. Keep in mind that people’s bodies change over time, and the need for good comfort and support only increases with age. That’s why it’s a good idea to compare the mattress and foundation you are sleeping on now to newer models every few years.

About Warranty

The warranty on the new mattress and foundation you purchase is not an indicator of how long the product should be used before replacement. The warranty is there to protect the customer from product defects, not against the gradual loss of comfort and support.

Arm yourself with knowledge

Types of Mattresses

If you haven”t shopped for a new mattress in a while, you”ll be surprised to find a wide variety of new choices. Just as computer, wireless and electronic technology gets more advanced each year, new developments are continuously being introduced that make the latest model mattresses and foundations a new experience in comfort.

Pillowtop mattresses are among the most popular designs in sleeping luxury, offering an extra layer of soft cushioning that looks much like a comforter attached to the mattress surface.

Mattresses made of  “memory” (visco-elastic) foams are also among today”s most popular designs.

Know your Size :

Buying a too-small mattress is one of the biggest mistakes new bed-buyers make. You need to measure you bed and consider the size of your bedroom also in case of going in for a new bed. Even with a “split boxspring” – two single foundations to support it – to make a king set more manageable, it may be too big for some bedrooms or too bulky to navigate through some corridors, doors and stairwells.

Standard Mattress Lengths: 72”, 75”, 78” & 80” (72” & 75” inches long may be too short for some adults, especially men.

Standard Mattress Width: 36” ,48” , 60”  & 72”

36” & 48”: A single size bed is only enough space for a single sleeper and only if the person is under 5 feet 5 inches tall. Parents are increasingly choose this for teenage bedrooms. Parents are even making this choice for younger children in to give themselves a more comfortable place to rest when reading together at tuck-in time.

60” (Queen beds): A queen bed is 60 inches wide & are used especially by couples is today’s one of the most popular mattress size. Queen size is a good choice for guest rooms, smaller master bedrooms and for couples who prefer close quarters.

72” (King beds):  These are 72 inches which is 12 inches wider than a queen. In fact, two single beds pushed together are about the same size, an option that can offer a flexible arrangement for a guest room. King size is the best choice for couples that want maximum personal sleeping space. It”s also the best bet to accommodate that time on Sunday morning when children may pop into bed – or if the pets in your house have mattress privileges!

California King which is 72 inches wide by 84 inches long 4 inches longer than a regular king.

But there”s no better way to experience the full array of new choices without a personal bed-shopping trip to see them first hand.


The best way to ensure that you”re a satisfied customer is to shop at a store you trust will give you good information, good service and top quality products. Look for educated salespeople who can guide you through the many choices in bedding. If you don”t feel your salesperson is knowledgeable or helpful, take your business elsewhere.

To purchase your new mattress, there are a variety of shopping choices from furniture stores to Exclusive Brand Stores (E.g. Raha Comfort Studio) to furnishing stores. Just look for the retailer that provides you with the right information and the right attention. Once you”ve identified that, you are ready to purchase your new set!

If you”re a shopper who likes to compare values from brand to brand, you should be aware that comparison shopping by model name may lead to frustration. You probably won”t find the same model name in one brand as you did in another.

Tips on comparison shopping:

Ask the salesperson if they can show you illustrated or actual “cutouts” of the interior of the mattress so that you can see what”s inside .Shop for the best value, not the lowest price.

When comparing, remember that a “bargain” mattress and foundation are no bargain when it comes to getting a good night”s sleep. Considering that you”ll probably be using your bed more than any other product you own – including your car, TV, computer or cell phone – the mattress you sleep on is one of the best cost-per-day values on the market today. Buy the best you can afford.

Take the Sleep Test

Be sure to “test drive” your new mattress in the store by removing your shoes (if you’re a woman, it’s best to go mattress-shopping in jeans or slacks) and lying down on several different models in various positions, especially the one you usually sleep in. Pay special attention to its support of your lower back, postural alignment (as if you were standing) and make sure you feel plenty of comfort at the shoulders and hips.

Shop with your partner so the selection of your new bed is made together. Those few extra minutes of focusing on the “feel” of different mattress choices can save a lot of time later.

•  Select a Mattress
•  Lie Down in Sleeping Position
•  Evaluate the level of Comfort and support
•  Educate yourself about each selection
•  Partners should test/shop together


Proper installation.
Make sure your new mattress properly fits in your bed and is of correct size. Improper installation can damage your new sleep set.

Rotate it.
Unless your mattress care instructions indicate otherwise, you should  periodically rotate your mattress from end-to-end and from top-to-bottom.

Use a protective pad.
A good quality, washable mattress protector is a must to keep your set fresh and free from stains.

Let it breathe.
If you detect a slight “new product” odour, leave the mattress and foundation uncovered and well ventilated for a few hours.  A breath of fresh air should do the trick!

Give it good support. 
Be sure to use a sturdy, high quality bed.  If it’s a queen or king size set, make sure your frame has the strong centre support that will prevent bowing or breakage.

Don’t dry clean or Iron.
Do not iron on the mattress as it would damage the fabric and underlying cushioning materials. The chemicals in dry cleaning agents/spot removers may be harmful to the fabric or underlying materials.  Vacuuming is the only recommended cleaning method.  But if you’re determined to tackle a stain, use mild soap with cold water and apply lightly.  Do not ever soak a mattress or foundation.

Don’t remove the tag.
Label will serve as a means of identification should you have a warranty claim.

It’s not a trampoline.
Don’t let the kids jump on your sleep set.  Their rough-housing could do damage to the interior construction, as well as to themselves!

No boards, please.
Never put a board between the mattress and foundation.  It may enhance the sense of support for a while, but it will only make the problem worse over time.  When any bed in your home has reached the “board stage,” get rid of it.

Follow manufacturer’s instructions.
Again, be sure to follow any specific guidelines from your manufacturer to best care for your sleep set.

Out with the old.
Now that you’ve treated yourself to a new sleep set, arrange to have your old bed removed and disposed of.  Don’t give it to the kids, relatives, guests or neighbours. If it wasn’t good enough for you, it isn’t good enough for anyone else. Throw it out!

Importance of Sleep

Sleep Tips

Sleep: Wealth or Waste?
What happens when you sleep?
What happens when you cheat on your sleep?
Who is the culprit?
The importance of a good mattress

Sleep: Wealth or Waste?

Sleep has been a controversial subject for longer than we can remember. It suffers some negative connotations, having been associated with laziness, idleness, boredom and a passive, inactive disposition.

Nothing could be further from the truth.
Science has now confirmed that sleep is one of the three attributes of good health, the other two being right food and exercise. Sleep is critical to our total well being. Sleep helps us feel healthier and think sharper. Good sleep translates into good health and, in turn, a better quality of life.

What happens when you sleep?
You may be sleeping, but your mind and body aren”t. Your mind, for instance, gets a break which it uses to assimilate what you understood in the day and transforms it into memory. Sleep is also when your mind brushes up your repetitive skills, like swimming or playing the piano.

Your body, on the other hand, gets down to some serious overhauling. Your muscles get energized, your organs get renewed vigour, and your old cells get replaced by new ones. Which brings us to the most important function of sleep: Rejuvenation. It”s this restorative quality about sleep which makes it irreplaceable.

What happens when you cheat on sleep?
You add up what”s called a sleep debt. And its not like a bank overdraft where you borrow a little each time and pay it up at one go. Contrary to widely held beliefs, sleep loss accumulated over the week can”t be made up by oversleeping in the weekend. If anything, it results in further complications in your health.

Sleep loss leads to higher stress, shorter temper, lower motivation, slower reflexes and inattentiveness.

Chronic sleep deprivations could be insomnia, sleep apnea, narcolepsy or restless legs syndrome, and need a doctor”s intervention.

Who is the culprit?

Good sleep, like good breeding, is a function of habit. The right sleep environment also plays a part. Who or what is the culprit in your case?

Do you give sleep the importance it deserves, except when getting up in the morning? Do you make it a point to avoid late nights, at work or otherwise? Do you insist that your sleep is more or less regular and undisturbed?

Your bedroom.
Is it an inviting place to sleep in? Is it comfortable enough? Is it light-controllable? Is it quiet when you want it to be? Is it too hot or  too cold ?

Your mattress.

Is it welcoming? Is it comfortable? Does it offer your body the kind of support it needs? Do you sag into the middle or does it hold you firm wherever on it you are? Does it make a noise and disturb people in the next room as well?

The importance of a good mattress
Next to sleep, the most neglected is the mattress. It is a myth that you can sleep just about anywhere. To get sleep that”s deep and comfortable, you need a mattress that”s deep and comfortable too.

Your mattress should provide the ideal support and comfort your body needs. Mattress comfort is a personal preference, so when you”re shopping for one, lie down on it if necessary. It is the only way to figure out how it feels.

How to choose your mattress ?

Since you”ll spend a longer time on your mattress than on any other piece of furniture, it pays to spend more time choosing the right one.

A mattress is made up of three elements.

The base of the mattress. It absorbs the stress and strain of regular use, while adding to the support, durability and in some cases, even the flexibility of the mattress.


This is what the mattress is made up of. It can be foam, springs, air or water, and it provides support to the sleeper.

These are layers that cover or wrap around the core to give you surface comfort and add to the luxury. These could be foams and fibres or combinations of the two. But these are the basics. A good mattress comes with a hundred other details, each adding its bit to increase your comfort and the life of the mattress. Look for them.

Causes of interrupted sleep

Sleep is a necessity, not a luxury. It determines the quality of our waking life. According to sleep experts, 80% of the population is sleep deprived. We’re not spending enough quality time in the important stages of sleep. These stages are essential to heal and repair the human body, as well as the mind, for peak performance the next day. The barrier to achieving quality sleep is interrupted sleep.

5 Major Causes of Interrupted Sleep:

• Poor sleep environment
• Mental stress
• Physical stress
• Improper diet and lack of exercise
• Tossing and turning

Tips for better Quality, Uninterrupted Sleep:

Poor Sleep Environment
The bedroom is your refuge. Although people can get used to almost anything, the bedroom environment does make a difference in how well you sleep. For fully restorative sleep, you must properly set the stage.

Keep your bedroom quiet. Noises such as dripping faucets, noisy radiators, ambulance, fire and police sirens, barking dogs, etc. will disturb your sleep. Sounds should be low levels and consistent.

Too much light can contribute to sleeplessness. Using dark fabric to block windows or the rim of a door can significantly reduce the amount of light into the bedroom from hallways, streets, and early-morning sunlight.

The ideal temperature for sleeping is about 65°. If it gets too hot or too cold your sleep time may be reduced. Some people prefer fresh air, but it is not a prerequisite for a good night”s sleep. An ideal relative humidity level for the bedroom is between 60 and 70 percent. Hide illuminated clocks from view to avoid clock-watching during the night, which can lead to anxiety over sleeplessness.

Mental Stress
Good sleep at night is strongly influenced by what happens during the day. For everyone except infants and elderly, one of the most common reasons for insomnia is stress. Try this exercise before you go to bed:
Sit quietly in a comfortable position.
Close your eyes and relax all your muscles, beginning with your feet and progressing to your face. Stay relaxed.
Breathe in easily through your nose.
As you exhale, silently say a word, like “one.” Continue for ten to twenty minutes.
When finished, sit quietly with your eyes closed for a few minutes and then open your eyes for a few minutes before standing up. Practice once or twice daily.

Avoid exercise within two hours of eating, since digestion of food might interfere with relaxation.

Another exercise to help ease you into bed involves jotting down a “laundry list” of your daytime worries. By capturing your worries on paper, you”ll send a signal to your brain that they”ll be there for you in the morning. That way, your brain can relax for the rest of the night.

Physical Stress

80% of the adult population will see a doctor for back pain. A lot of this can be caused by not properly supporting your spine while you sleep. Sleeping with your spine properly aligned is critical for reducing stress and enhancing rejuvenating sleep. This is where selection of a mattress which supports your spine is very important

Improper Diet and Lack of Exercise
Exercise increases heart and lung fitness and reduces stress, anxiety, and insomnia. Exercise also raises your endorphin level, which reduces pain, relaxes muscles, suppresses your appetite, and produces feelings of general well being. As a result, sleep will be deeper, more efficient, and more restful.

The best time to exercise is in the late afternoon or at noontime. Morning exercise has little effect on your quality of sleep that night. If you must exercise in the morning, do not do so at the expense of needed sleep.

Eat fruits and vegetables, whole grain cereals and breads, rice, pasta, fish, and poultry. Limit your intake of fat.

You should eat a basic healthy breakfast, a substantial lunch, and a light dinner.

Eating proteins at dinner, such as fish, chicken, or certain vegetables will prevent hunger pains at night.

If you are hungry at bedtime a light snack high in carbohydrates and low in protein will settle your stomach and help you sleep.

Tossing And Turning

The average person changes position 40 to 60 times a night, which can cause your partner to move too. Studies show that partner movement can reduce your time spent in quality deep sleep by 20%. Make sure you are sleeping on a mattress designed to minimize movement from one sleeping partner to the other.

*Sleep tips provided by Dr. James B. Maas, author of ” Power Sleep: The Revolutionary Program That Prepares Your Mind for Peak Performance”