Welcome to  Raha Poly Products Ltd.

Raha Poly Products Ltd, Chennai is the Indian arm of Poly Products LLC, Oman and are the pioneers in launching spring mattresses in the Indian market as early as 1995.

M/s Auroflex International Mattress has been appointed as the authorized franchisee to manufacture and sell in India, the Raha range of products like mattresses, bases, headboards, pillows, comforters, protectors, duvets and other related sleep comfort products with effect from January 1, 2017. Auroflex will be manufacturing the entire Raha range of products as per the technical specifications and technological support from Raha.  Auroflex will also be taking care of all after-sales-service requirements for the Raha products being manufactured and sold by them.

Our Motto

To Meet Customer Needs is What is Expected Of Us,
To Exceed Them is What We Expect Of Ourselves

Our Strength

To deliver the best quality and the highest levels of comforts.To compete with the finest anywhere.

Our Brand

Raha is a Brand of reckoning in different parts of the globe and is synonymous with comfort and quality

Bed Basics
Sleep Healthy - Live Healthy
Bed Basics
Science has now confirmed that sleep is one of the three attributes of good health, the other two being right food and exercise. Sleep is critical to our total well being

Raha International
Oman . UAE . Qatar . Saudi . Kuwait
Raha International
Poly Products is one of the largest manufacturers in the Middle East of superior quality spring mattresses & beds, pillows & bed linen products, sofas & seating products.
Contract Furnishing
Contract Furnishing
Contract Furnishing
Over the years Raha has furnished more than 5,00,000 hotel rooms from Dubai to Jordan to Singapore to India .Selecting a good mattress is probably one of the most important thing for any hospitality institution.

Our vision is to become a dominant industry player in manufacturing and marketing a wide and comprehensive range of superior quality, sleep related and comfort related products in India as well as in the other neighbouring countries .